Power filter socket line

Power strips / Filter strips


A good power supply is the prerequisite for a good sounding hi-fi system!

The mfe power strip is specially designed for the requirements of a good hi-fi system.

The heavy metal housing in conjunction with the insulated mfe power cable protects against interference.

The cross-section of 3 x 3 mm² ensures optimal power supply.

The power strips are available in 3 basic variations, with 4, 6, 8 inserts; others are available custom-made in any length.

The earth wiring is star-shaped with solid copper wire. All socket inserts are wired with 2.5 mm² copper wire.

Filter strips (FLN …)

We also equip this power strip with a line filter incl. surge arrester.

The resulting filter stripl (FLN …) is an extended standard strip (SLN …), especially for home theatre systems or smaller hi-fi systems.

The filter strip is available with 4, 6 or 8 inserts, others upon request..

After you provided me with such straightforward, competent and comprehensible advice in response to my inquiry about a line filter power strip, I have now been using the fine product for two weeks. Whatever the cause may be – whether the line filter, design of the strip or the materials used – it works. Without voodoo, it just works. Transparent sound, brilliant highs, crisp bass. Perfect. Not that my V-series T+A system was previously mediocre, by no means. But now it sounds still better, and the difference is clearly audible. One other side effect worth mentioning: our 55” plasma now has a significantly more refined, clearer image.

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