High-End Line Cable reference line


Power Line-Cable mfe reference line


That your system also sounds good, requires a good power supply!

This power cable made of pure copper impresses not only by the optical design,
but is also quite outstanding in terms of sound.

The cross-section of 3 x 3 mm2 guarantees the loss-free power supply of your connected devices.

The shielded and special multi-core (7-pole) design allows the assembly with Schuko connectors, PowerCon and cold device connectors as well as e.g. with 3- and 5-pole CEE connectors.

The connectors are mechanically and electrically at high-end level.

Our conclusion: Definitely test without obligation!

Customer review:


Good morning Mr. Franken,

Your mfe-cable package was delivered yesterday at noon.

I then connected the two mfe-Ref.Line power cables to the TubeDAC and TubeOne.
What came out of my loudspeakers last night blew me away!
An even bigger stage / spatiality, very nice fine detail with a “springy” and bright sound. I was so enthusiastic about the “red stripes” that it turned into a very long listening session.

e.g.: Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 5 (with Claudio Arrau): I have never heard this recording like this before > absolute concert hall feeling.

The investment in the mfe-Ref.Line mains cables has therefore paid off in full!

As soon as my hi-fi account is replenished, I’ll have to bother you again with a larger reorder of power cords 😉

When you demonstrate the mfe-components to your customers, you should definitely connect everything (LS, LF and mains cables) with the mfe-Reference Line cables. The customers will be amazed…

With this in mind, I wish you a pleasant and successful day

Best regards

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