TA 845 Power Amplifier

TA 845 E SE

Stereo Tube Power Amplifier Single-Ended

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A high-performance stereo power amplifier in single-ended design.

The neutral characteristics make it well-suited for any type of music.

The output power is ~ 2 x 17 watts. This amplifier can therefore also be operated with normal speaker systems! You do not need any high-efficiency speakers!

The figure above shows an example of the TA 845 E SE integrated amplifier in a rectangular housing. All our single-ended amplifiers can be ordered in a rectangular housing or in a triangular housing, see mfe TA 156 SE.

All amplifiers can also be operated as mono block (double output power), allowing you to combine 2 power amplifiers with the preamp mfe TubeOne SE.

Instead of the end tube 845 we can also equip the 211 or 805 (visually equal). The motherboard here allows all 3 circuit variants. In our smaller single-ended amplifiers we can use pretty much all interesting tubes; the devices in the rectangular and triangular housing have an additional rectifier tube (see mfe TA 156 SE ) and can be equipped with various end tubes: 6AS7G / 6080 / 6550 / EL509 / 300B / 2 A3 / KT88

Available in the following front panel anodising colours:

black – silver – red – champagne gold

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All amplifiers sound very balanced, bass-heavy and round.

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