TA 120 SE19 Stereo

TA 120 SE

Tube amplifier Push-Pull 120W (Stereo)

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Tremendous power!

Precise and lively reproduction!

Timbre, dynamics and differentiation leave nothing to be desired!


This is not about the high output power or sheer volume itself. It’s just fun – thanks to the power reserves – to experience full dynamics and control and to hear music really well, even with ‘normal’ speakers.

With a high damping factor and enormous power reserve, this amplifier effortlessly drives any speaker. The no-load stability also makes separate operation on a subwoofer possible. The tubes are built into the housing for safety reasons, but the front plate of the amplifier is equipped with a bronze tinted glass to still enjoy the glow of the tubes.

Available in the following front panel anodising colours:

black – silver – red – champagne gold

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Based on our monoblock TA 300 SE, we have developed this stereo power amplifier for customers who do not necessarily want to build 2 monoblocks or prefer a stereo power amplifier. The output power is completely sufficient for most applications, here it is not about the sheer volume itself. It’s just fun ….

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