Repair service

The company mfe develops and produces not only recognized good high-end audio products. Also in case of a necessary repair of your HiFi product you will profit from our experience. We repair devices and loudspeakers of all brands. Modifications can also be carried out if desired.

For older devices, a checkup is recommended in any case. First of all, a visual inspection of all components is carried out. Afterwards the operating data are measured. In case of abnormalities (overloaded capacitors, resistors, channel deviations, etc.) we will inform you about the necessary steps to improve your device and the costs involved.

In any case a phone call (+49 2432-80726) or e-mail contact ( is necessary in advance. Due to my many years of experience, it is usually already possible to make an initial assessment of the defect, its repair and the costs involved.

Your Michael Franken

Heavy equipment can also be picked up by a parcel service or freight forwarder if required.
The cost of this service is always borne by the customer.


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