Power Conditioner NF-3TR

Power Conditioner

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A line filter for all high-end hi-fi components
Specially designed for demanding home and professional cinemas

  • 12 specially filtered sockets, including 4 time-shifted power sockets incl. inrush current limiter, e.g. for power amplifiers.

  • Output transformer/isolation transformer for maximum interference suppression and output voltage without DC components

  • Overvoltage protection

  • Power consumption max. 16 amps

  • Rated power 3000 VA

Available in the following front panel anodising colours:

black – silver – red – champagne gold

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No dynamic losses!
The higher precision of the spatial resolution and reproduction is clearly audible.
The bass range is more controlled.

The sound comparison is always verifiable and reproducible.
The result is immediately apparent after the first bars.

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