Phase detector PDV02

The new phase detektor PDV03

The PDV03 is a measuring device. It determines the phase correct polarity of audio components at the mains socket. This is how the better plug position for the sound is determined.

mfe has now developed a completely new measuring method to measure the audio components in operation.

Only the mains plug of the device to be tested is plugged into the phase detector. Via 2 LEDs the phase correct side is displayed in one measuring process.

And this is how it works:

  • The device under test is phased out during operation!
  • 200 different measurements per test are made and evaluated.
  • An internal reference is used for calibration before a measurement / self alignment.
  • More information can be found in the operating instructions.

Some Reviews from the older PDV02:

In summary: Half an hour of work to phase out the equipment was more than worth it! The PDV-02 is a perfect, easy-to-use measuring device that should not be missing in any ambitious high-end household.

Product review from "HiFi-Tunes"

It looks like an 'official tool' (which it is) and is contained in a solid metal housing ....

Product review from "HiFi & Records"
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