Loudspeaker Secundo

Loudspeaker Secundo

This speaker is dynamic, balanced and sounds incredibly free! It’s fun to rediscover ‘old’ discs!

The mfe Secundo is equipped with professional components. Despite its rather small housing, the directly emitting surface is relatively large due to the use of a special 12” bass driver in combination with an excellent midrange driver with a large ribbon tweeter. This constellation offers unique listening pleasure!

The use of our select 12” bass driver (600W nominal power, 96dB/1W/1m) with medium-hard diaphragm suspension allows the construction as a 3-way combination in a bass reflex enclosure.

The setup is not critical! If necessary, the reflex openings can be damped.

Our heavy duty speaker system is already working well with low power amplifiers.

Naturally, the speaker system also performs very well with larger amplifiers, easily delivering concert level volume, if required.

Upon customer request, we deliver the mfe Secundo in the best piano finish (e.g. high gloss black) or in precious wood veneer. The scope of delivery also includes a matching front cover, which is attached magnetically.

Particularly impressive was the enormous playback dynamics, despite the considerably difficult space in this aspect.

Anselm Goertz

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