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We very often receive letters from enthusiastic customers. Here we present a selection of them:

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Tube assortment


Good day Mr Franken,


NOS tubes from your assortment are always a great tip for me. The last 12AU7 and 12BH7 you sent sound spectacular and I take the liberty of complimenting you on that.


Best regards,

Customer feedback from 02/07/2017

Tube One SE – Tube DAC – Secundo speaker


Several years ago, the search for a new power amp led me to a hi-fi dealer in my region. On a shelf, I came across a device that caught my attention. A quick check revealed that it was a used stereo power amplifier in pure tube technology from a small manufacturer in the west of Germany. I was able to take the part home for testing. After a few minutes, I realized that my previously used mono power amps didn’t stand a chance. With great satisfaction I enjoyed its sound quality for several years without trying to figure out who the manufacturer is and who is behind it. But at some point I felt I needed a new tube set. Therefore, I contacted Mr Franken by telephone and found the conversation very informative and Mr Franken very sympathetic, but above all very professional/knowledgeable and totally convinced of his cause.My enthusiasm for his equipment has grown so much that I am now the proud and more than happy owner of the following equipment: Preamp mfe-Tube One SE, mfe-Tube DAC 24/192, Loudspeaker mfe-Secundo and several cables.


I can only say this about the mfe-Tube One SE: the phono stage of this preamp is so high-quality that I tossed my previous single component worth about €3,500.00. I definitely don’t need more phono than this integrated solution. This fact alone already means that this investment paid off and incidentally, I also have a fantastic line stage.In conjunction with the mfe-Secundo speakers, everything works like a charm. The details, timbres, spaciousness, liveliness, bass volume – pure quality you can hear. Also the DAC is solid technical quality without bells and whistles. It elevated my CD listening habits to a new level. Now I enjoy listening to CDs again.


And best of all, you can reach Mr Franken at any time to get qualified, satisfactory information and support, even for special requests. A perfect overall package.

Reference-No.: 870

About the tube preamplifier Tube One SE


First, I would like to thank you for the fact that everything went so well with the delivery. By now, I think that the TubeOneSE has been worn in somewhat and I can tell you a little about it.


Mechanically, everything is functioning very very well. The remote control is super responsive, the phono component does not produce any crackling despite the transformer. The connections are also great, everything works.


In terms of sound, the TubeOneSE is a true gem. The bass that it pulls out of my system (and I mean DEEP bass…!) is just awesome. With your eyes closed, if you didn’t know better, you would assume an unbelievably large and massive power amp!!! But in this case, the Tube One SE makes ‘the music’ and leaves nothing to chance.


The spatiality is also very, very good. My ‘stage’ positively opened up to the right and left. Only now is it clear how good the rest of my system truly is… The other components were always capable of this, but until now, nothing had drawn it out of them.


What the Tube One SE produces in the midrange is also great. The sounds of the singers and instruments are really ‘beefy’…. nothing sounds thin or strained, everything feels like it’s right there. That’s how I like it ;-)))))


At the high end, the Tube One SE shines in golden colours rather than glaring silver, so to speak. In other words, very pleasant to listen to over long stretches! And the details are all there in abundance, only the Tube One SE does not ‘scream’ them out; they are simply embedded in the music and form a natural part of it. It doesn’t shine a spotlight on them to make them unavoidably noticeable.


In other words, all in all a really great component – I would never return it! It stays here!


I will soon be ordering one or two complete tube sets from you for the Tube One SE so that I can continue sleeping well at night. I think it’s best to simply replace all the tubes entirely every couple of years, depending on use.

Reference-No: 242

I spent a long time searching for the perfect preamp. And now I found it: the Tube One SE. Even in comparison with significantly more expensive competitors, the preamp simply sounds way better. Brilliant spatiality, precise and sharp contours with fantastic resolution. The Tube One SE never sounds as you would expect from a vacuum tube; in other words it is never soft and warm, but also not analytical and cold like a transistor. It follows a perfect middle path. It reproduces the music just as it is on the recording medium.


By the way, the Tube One functions completely perfectly and unobtrusively.

The bottom line is, my search is at an end. A device for life.

Reference-No: 577

Now it’s time to express my enthusiasm about the amazing preamp Tube One SE from mfe.


What you accomplished with this preamp can only be described as unique. The power of spatial reproduction, coarse and fine dynamics are absolutely outstanding. The finest of tones. The preamplifer is ready with deep and taut bass, while highs and mids are velvety fine with vocal reproduction such as I have never heard, plus it is free of crackling or humming. I have owned the preamp for one year. The reliability and workmanship are equally outstanding – the device runs all day here. I borrowed a number of expensive preamps for a listening comparison, and none could surpass the Tube One SE.


For me, this preamp is absolutely top-class.

Reference-No: 986

Thank you very much for the Tube One SE.


A truly amazing preamplifier that I have listened to now for many months with extreme satisfaction.


After some time spent searching and comparing various preamps, including such renowned brands as ML and Audio Research, I decided on the TubeOneSE.


In my system, combined with the CD/changer combo unit from PS-Audio, the Monos 501 from Jeff Rowland and the Gemme Audio Vivace, everything goes together perfectly. Deep, precise bass, wonderful mids and velvety reproduction of the highs. Finally I can listen to music without the feeling of wanting to improve something.


One very important criterion for me is the spatiality of the playback – another area where the Tube One SE leaves me completely satisfied. High, deep, wide – everything just as I like it. The craftmanship is extremely good – I was able to convince myself of this during a vacuum tube change and a look inside the preamp.


The great service should also be emphasised. Mr Franken included various tubes to allow me to customise the TubeOneSE to my taste. The reduction of the output level because my speakers have very high efficiency was also handled quickly and at no additional charge.

Reference-No.: 1720

The pre/end combination (Tube One SE preamplifier + TA 845 R +) was a good investment. For about two years, the music has been sparkling out of the speakers. Clear, differentiated and spatial are the attributes that come to mind. Never annoying, but always relaxed and flowing.

Reference no.: 2057

About the single-ended integrated tube amplifier with EL156 TA156


… yes, the thing with the mfe TA156 was so vague, because I only knew the device roughly from hearsay, and since I hardly ever manage to test all interesting devices before a purchase, I said to myself: just give it a shot, and try this exciting device.


The new amp, however, should definitely be better than what I had been listening to so meticulously at my home. I will gladly pass on by phone what I heard on other devices; right now I am enjoying the mfe-TA156. Yes, and I only hear solid sound, with focus on the essentials.


What I enjoy so much about the mfe-TA156 is the easy access to the music, which is immediately audible without making long A-B comparisons. That’s how it has to be; in the best case it just has to do ‘click’. The particularly striking feature is the timing and the rhythm, especially of drums and other rhythmic bass instruments, which jump out at me in the most musical and colourful way. The drive is right; your feet are tapping; that’s all you need. And the mfe-TA156 plays exactly with these details, without denying being a tube.


Anyway, I look forward every day to activate the power switch on this battleship Potemkin – yeah I really like the look of the speaker.

Reference no.: 2228

About the digital/analogue converter tube DAC


My friend from Duisburg (the kind person who recommended you to me) came over to visit me in Heidelberg this weekend for nice, long listening session. I admit that I had some reservations as to whether the investment in a DA converter at the price of several CD players might not have been a bit excessive, but these reservations have finally vanished. My mistake was to expect that the converter would turn my speakers into a live band. In fact, the effect lies in the fine details. I would like to describe this with an image: In comparison to high-quality CD players (…) a curtain opens up in front of the stage and the musicians are no longer sitting in a garage but rather in a concert hall – as they should!


I can’t verify it, but I can easily imagine that the sound of some so-called ‘high end devices’ for thousands of euros with their rickety interior lag behind your Tube DAC lag.


I wish you a wide audience! Thank you very much!

Reference no.: 784

About the audio cable


The mfe cinch cables arrived today. I did not wait to try them out with my CD player, and now I have to expand my order again. For a digital tone controller, I’d like to ask you to assemble the following connections:


1) Line out female connector (socket) XLR to cinch stereo with length 60 cm.

2) Line in RCA to male XLR stereo plug at 60 cm


(Just in case, if the direction is important, I listed the plug of the source first!)


Once again: thank you very much for the beautiful cables!


P.S.: As far as spatial representation and clarity are concerned, customers of company (…) (as an example of the extreme high-priced segment) should try out your products!

Reference no.: 771

About the power supply


After you provided me with such straightforward, competent and comprehensible advice in response to my inquiry about a line filter power strip, I have now been using the fine product for two weeks. Whatever the cause may be – whether the line filter, design of the strip or the materials used – it works. Without voodoo, it just works. Transparent sound, brilliant highs, crisp bass. Perfect. Not that my V-series T+A system was previously mediocre, by no means. But now it sounds still better, and the difference is clearly audible.


One other side effect worth mentioning: Our 55” plasma now has a significantly more refined, clearer image.

Reference no.: 1825

About the power conditioner P16C


Hello Mr. Franken, so far I can say:


significant increase of …

– clarity of all positions in the room/on stage,

– Openness,

– ease, flow, float,

– structure of the composition,

– spatial cohesion,

– power of music,

– speed,

– extension to the seat,

– security, the head doesn’t have to search anymore, everything is just there,

– holistic music representation and its inner strength.


This was already noticeable at first listening; the warm-up phase didn’t change much. It was definitely worth it!

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