High-End Power-Cable

GAL (Device connection cable)
Power cable

In order for your system to sound good, it has to have a good power supply!

The mfe power cable captivates with its optical design as well as its outstanding sound.

The cross section of 3 x 3 mm² guarantees lossless power supply of your connected devices.

The special multi-core design allows assembly with both Schuko connectors and IEC connectors,
as well as with 3- and 5-pole CEE connectors..

Our bottom line: Definitely test it now – without obligation!

mfe cables are currently the best choice for secure and audiophile networking. They might not be the destination yet, but they certainly mark the last reasonable platform before tapping into incomprehensible dimensions in terms of price and ideology.

... are with Schuko and IEC connectors in upscale (German) industrial quality. They ensure optimal connection in my opinion. ... In the mains cable, the shielding has a one-sided connection to the earthing contact in the Schuko connector – just as good do-it-yourselfers do in order to divert any possible interference via the protective earth.

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