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jericho & verismo

The new High-End HiFi-tube amplifier jericho was designed by the company mfe as a mono power amplifier. It is the result of profound specialist knowledge and a five-year development process.


This tube amp is one of the largest and heaviest in its class with its extreme power reserve of ~ 1000 watts output power and its weight of about 55 kilograms. Only the finest materials, such as stainless steel, glass, anodized aluminium and carbon, are used in its production. The tubes are protected against breakage by a stylish carbon bridge and set the highest standards by virtue of their sound characteristics. The manufacturer mfe, a specialist in tube amplifiers, guarantees the highest level of precision in the construction of this product.


For music enthusiasts, jericho means a sound experience ‘par excellence’ – for people with aesthetic taste and design aficionados, the power amplifier is a ‘feast for the eyes’. In conjunction with a high-quality speaker system, jericho guarantees playback of music at the highest level. Among other things, Jericho is available in the colours black-silver, black-red, black-blue, and black-gold.


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