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Of course it is also possible to upgrade older mfe devices
to bring them to the current state of development.


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Customer feedback about the upgrade of the phono input of the TubeOne SE


Dear Mr. Franken
what have you done? I am completely “blown away”!
This is an immense gain in clarity.
In every respect.
It took a while at first until everything was “warm”, but then I couldn’t get away from listening.
It is tonally much clearer, the instruments sound much more authentic.
It is rhythmically much clearer, because considerably more differentiated.
It is harmonically much clearer. e.g. beats are more clearly audible.
Everything is calmer and yet more vital.
The entire sound image is brighter, even previously dull records are much more open.
I listen a bit louder without feeling any pressure on my hearing.
The entire system has become much more confident and convincing not only in terms of the vitality of the musical flow, but also in its sonic performance.
By this I mean all those passages where it is not about the rhythm at all, but about the mixture and sound of the tones.
I am very positively surprised!

What did you do there? Please tell me the basics, as far as you don’t have to reveal your developmental know-how. I respect that.

Because this improvement has the same basic features as in the mechanics of a hi-fi system whenever you can replace a force closure with a form closure.
It brings that kind of clarity every time.
Thanks again for this significant improvement in phono input.
More than exceeded my expectations.

Many greetings

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